Presidential Initiative On Banana Industrial Development
Research for Development and Value Addition


Uganda’s abundant natural resources, tropical climate, rich soils and well-distributed rainfall provide an ideal environment for its agricultural sector, which employs 80 percent of the country’s workforce.

The country’s hospitable environment also makes two cropping seasons per year possible for most staple food crops. Although subsistence farming currently dominates agriculture in Uganda, the sector still has great potential to drive major economic growth and lift millions of people out of poverty.


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On the Ground

Project Units

  • Project Secretariat+

    Carrying out the overall general administrations/ management of the project

  • Industrial Technology Park+

    Commercialisation of proven secondary value addition technologies.

  • Business & Marketing+

    Identifying market opportunities and creating market entry strategies (including branding, logos etc.) for banana value-added products.

  • Research & Training+

    This function is targeting to address demand-driven capacity building and research needs for all farmers /processors so as to ensure quality production of both raw material & processed products.

  • Value Addition & Quality Control+

    Training of trainers in value addition to matooke

  • Production+

    Commercialisation of production of matooke as an industrial raw material


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Presidential Initiative for Banana Industry Development

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